Vol. 14 Why does Waldo always wear striped clothes?

“Why does Waldo always wear striped clothes?”
“ …… I don’t know. Why?”
“Because he doesn’t want to be spotted!”

WALDOは“WHERE’S WALDO?”という絵本の主人公で、日本でも発売されているのでご存知の方もいると思います。


さて本題に戻りますが、この“He doesn’t want to be spotted.”のSPOTという言葉には、SPOT=見つける、そしてSPOT=点(この場合水玉)をつけるという意味があるので、“He doesn’t want to be spotted.”は、以下のように二つの意味に解釈することができます。




“Why is the coral depressed?”
“Because of the current news!"

潮の流れ & 最近のニュースのせいだよ!”


”Which object is the king of the classroom?"
“A ruler!"

定規 & 支配者!

“Why did the football coach go to the bank?"
“Because he wanted his quarter back!"

“だって、25セントを返してもらいたかったから。& クオーターバックが欲しかったから。”

“Why did the picture go to jail?”
“Because it was framed.”

“だって、フレーム(写真入れ)にいれられたから。& 犯罪人にしたてあげられたから。”



”Why is six afraid of seven?"
“Because seven ate nine!"

ate = eight

“Why do the dragons sleep during the day?”
“So they can fight knights!” 

knights = nights



“Why did the computer keep sneezing?”
“Because it had a virus!”

“What type of music are balloons scared of?”
“Pop music!”

“What is the world’s tallest building?”
“The library! Because it has the most stories.”

“How can you tell the ocean is friendly?”
“It waves!”

“Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?”
“In case he got a hole in one!”

“Why do the French like to eat snails?”
“Because they don’t like fast food!”

“Why did the lion spit out the clown?”
“Because he tasted funny!”

“What do you call a bear with no ears?”

笑えましたか~? お友達や家族の方に試してみて下さいね。



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